We make music ideas happen

Eversong provides creative and strategic solutions for companies who strive to capture the emotional power of music.

Music is the most universally consumable of all the creative languages.

Edison Research, Share of Ear Study ®

Eversong develops opportunities to raise brand awareness and reach new audiences by providing business audio support in the form of music strategy, branded entertainment & rights management.

Amplify Your Brand

As a business owner, you are the arbiter of what your brand says to the world. And one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal to help convey that message is music. At Eversong, we work every day designing music experiences across a wide spectrum of businesses.

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Engage Your Customers

The use of carefully selected music can create a first and lasting impression. However, music’s impact doesn’t stop at awareness or appreciation; it can affect customer behavior, and convey meaning about a business’s brand.

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Mitigate Risk

We believe that music is powerful and want to insure its continued creation. Let us leverage our extensive relationships and decades of experience negotiating music licenses for you.

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The world of music marketing has evolved

“Music marketing spending is growing exponentially. Like mobile, digital or social, it has the power to improve the bottom line, to unite people, and to put brands in a position of providing actual real-life value.”

– Glenn Minerley, Billboard

About Eversong

Leveraging 55 years of collective experience, our team works every day designing music experiences across a wide spectrum of businesses who understand that the associative impact of music can connect them with their audience in a way that nothing else can

Our Work

We thrive at the intersection of art, science and sound. Our work to date spans from fashion retail and mobile apps to live events and licensed commercial music services.

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Meet the team

Brian Cullinan

Brian spent more than 14 years working with some of the world’s top music talent while a senior executive at Sony Music and Columbia Records.

Considered a pioneer in the area of music entertainment technology, Brian has worked with a variety of companies including Muzak, CBS Radio, Best Buy, and SESAC to help further strategic business objectives and stretch the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through music.

Jason McCormick

Jason is a media licensing professional with 18 years of experience in developing or acquiring compelling content for use in commercial outlets to engage consumers, accelerate growth, and drive loyalty.

While Director of Licensing at Mood Media, Jason was responsible for the implementation of rights holder solutions to complement various global product strategies, including management and coordination of media content for premier national clients as well as strategic partners.

Shawn Moseley

Shawn brings with him 20 years of media & entertainment experience, encompassing promotion, A&R, marketing, operations, and brand strategy. He has worked at both major & independent labels including Epic Records, Island Def Jam Music Group, Columbia Records and Time Bomb Recordings.

Combining a healthy mix wit & know-how, Shawn excels at reaching new audiences and driving growth for nationally recognized brands like Sephora, Sunglass Hut, and Crescent Communities.

Successful brands understand that the associative impact of music can connect them with their audience in a way that nothing else can.

Let’s make something great together.

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